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According to Yahoo's statistics, this web site now reaches about 1000 visitors per day and it is constantly growing. Many brilliant students more concerned with true physics and new constructive ideas will remember it in the future. They will realize that their professors were sometimes like dinosaurs who refused to evolve. Actually, a lot of today's well accepted ideas are simply wrong. 

Descartes told us. Everything ought to be carefully verified: "Doubt is the origin of wisdom."



You will not find here any indication that a better knowledge of the wave nature of matter may lead to some amazing inventions. All of matter's properties have already been discovered. The final touch was just to explain why matter behaves like this.

Unfortunately, I could not find any practical invention based on these discoveries.

No, there is no new sort of energy which could be cleaner and cheaper that petroleum.

And no, I did not find the secret of levitation. I must repeat here: if you one are impassioned of philosophy, religion, or esotericism and the paranormal, you are politely invited to go elsewhere. Here, one speaks quite simply about physics and mechanics.

Might I also remind you that the Earth is over-populated.



There are too many of us. Don't you see that this will end with a disaster?

Where is your intelligence?


 My father, just graduated  in 1921 from École Normale Jacques-Cartier, Montréal, Québec.

Born Nov 19, 1901, this "centenary bicycle man" passed away on Jan 10, 2005 at the age of 103 years.

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